Hiroyuki Kurogane - bass

11/12/2017 23:03

Hiroyuki Kurogane is a bass trombonist at the NHK Symphony Orchestra.

He graduated top of his year from the Tokyo University of Arts in 2008. His talent has been greatly appreciated since he was a university student and he has won numerous prizes such as the number one prize in the brass trombone section and the grand prize for the all brass section at the 4th Jeju International Brass Competition in South Korea as well as the number one prize at the 23rd Japan Wind and Percussion Competition.

Hiroyuki also plays as a soloist in many orchestras all over Japan as well as in wind orchestras. He has played concertos of Eric Ewazen, John Williams and Vaclav Nelhybel.

He is also a member of many ensemble groups such as the Trombone Quartet KLAR, the Japan XO Trombone Quartet, the Slide Japan and the Brass Ensemble ZERO.

Furthermore, Hiroyuki has released many CDs including “Boutry: Five Pieces” and “Four in Hand” (The Japan XO Trombone Quartet), “Take Off” (The Slide Japan), “Under the Blue Sky” (Bass Trombone Duo with Takumi Shinozaki).